Blue Planet

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We live on an absolutely amazing piece of real estate circling a yellow star in a somewhat remote arm of the galaxy we call “Milky Way”. And until someone finally shows up at our ‘doorstep’, it appears that humans – if maybe not the most intelligent – are the dominant species on this planet in […]

Sanitation & BionomicsTM

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The World Health Organization defines the term “sanitation” as follows: “Sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and feces. The word ‘sanitation’ also refers to the maintenance of hygienic conditions, through services such as garbage collection and wastewater disposal”.   Sanitation technologies and systems are […]

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Climate Change, Sanitation & BionomicTM Wastewater Processing

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Grappling with Climate Change Climate change is complicated. It is very hard to find scientific consensus for reasons only too well known. An organization that tries to be objective and scientific is the OSS Foundation.  Their article on global natural climate change cycles is comprehensive. The information presented is scientific and looks as well as ‘feels’ […]

cornerstones of bionomic lifecycle

Basic Bionomic Cycle

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Sanitation – clean water – energy – nutrition cycle: The relationship between sanitation, clean water, energy and nutrition is very complex. Bionomic wastewater processing addresses all four. In order to get a feel for how they are linked, relate, interact with each other and their significance, we need to understand at least in principle the […]

BionomicTM Wastewater Processing Overview

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Advances in Sanitation BionomicTM wastewater processing & sanitation technology is the first major advance since the times of Karl Imhoff almost 100 years ago. Bionomic wastewater processing employs and follows natural pathways to achieve maximum benefits based on all biological resource potentials from both suspended as well as dissolved materials contained in human wastewater. The process […]

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BionomicTM Wastewater Processing Core Technologies

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Primary Biological Processes There are two key interlinked biological processes our core bionomicTM wastewater technologies provide optimized controlled habitat for: Anaerobic digestion and subsequent water rehabilitation by micro-algae. In order to put these into perspective, let us first look at the basics how nature deals with ‘organic waste’. Once nature has identified ‘organic wastes’ – […]

BionomicTM Wastewater Processing Algorithm Basics

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Overview Bionomic biological systems analysis and algorithms, though very complex because of their holistic approach to full bio-life-cycle analysis, can be expressed in simplified terms of inputs and outputs. Bionomics have their systems, subsystems and functional groups that are interlinked and interact. Just like in industrial manufacturing, we can loosely define things in terms of […]