Blue Planet

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blue_marbleII_300x252We live on an absolutely amazing piece of real estate circling a yellow star in a somewhat remote arm of the galaxy we call “Milky Way”. And until someone finally shows up at our ‘doorstep’, it appears that humans – if maybe not the most intelligent – are the dominant species on this planet in this little corner of the universe.

Among all the interesting discoveries made, there is one recurrent theme: water appears to be absolutely essential to all known forms of life on this planet.

And what’s more all life on this planet is interlinked in a myriad of pathways and relationships. All sharing the lifeblood of the planet: “Water”.

Yet we [humans] – despite our advanced educational system – continue to ignore fundamental and basic principles of biological connection between sanitation – clean water & nutrition.

Wastewater treatment processes currently used for ‘sanitation’ are expensive, energy hungry, emit vast amounts of methane, CO2 and other GHGs – even some nitrogen precursors that together all cause environmental damage on an industrial scale.

The Ellenbach Foundation owns enabling technologies, know-how and process knowledge that makes placement of sustainable wastewater infrastructure economically possible in even the most remote locations where human settlement may warrant it.

Write us if you would like to find out more, partner with us or would simply like us to put you in touch with professionals to develop implementation strategies in your part of the world.


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