BionomicTM Wastewater Processing Overview

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Advances in Sanitation

BionomicTM wastewater processing & sanitation technology is the first major advance since the times of Karl Imhoff almost 100 years ago.

Bionomic wastewater processing employs and follows natural pathways to achieve maximum benefits based on all biological resource potentials from both suspended as well as dissolved materials contained in human wastewater. The process generates its own energy and results in production of valuable renewable commodities such as biogas, fertilizers and micro-algae based raw materials. The effluent is fully rehabiliated and oxygen enriched before it is discharged into the environment.

The highest possible commodity yields are achieved by employing passive technologies arranged in a complex cascade series to provide optimum habitat for sequential biological interlinked processing.

Clean rehabilitated water is produced “en passant” as a “by-product”. It is low in balanced dissolved mineral nutrients, rich in dissolved oxygen and fosters as well as promotes downstream biodiversity. We have found that downstream daphnia colonies, which provide a valuable animal protein source in fresh water environments, thrive. Daphnia are an indicator species and have been shown to be extremely sensitive to nutrient imbalances and toxins. As such, we could postulate that a healthy daphnia colony is a good indicator of a healthy basis for a healthy food chain.

Benefits of bionomicTM wastwater processing sanitation over conventional wastewater treatment include:

  • significant reduction of anthropogenic impacts due to humans.
  • positive environmental footprint.
  • substantial reductions of GHG and GHG precursor emissions.
  • significant reduction of process energy requirements.
  • generates its own energy.
  • complete scalability from homestead size to large city scale infrastructure.
  • significant wastewater management cost reductions.
  • revenue streams from value added marketable commodities such as fuel, energy, fertilizer and renewable micro-algae based raw materials.
  • sustainable economic development potential. [without the footprint]
  • can be deployed anywhere – either as centralized or decentralized application.

Additional information can be found in our other articles, including a high level comparison between conventional wastewater sanitation treatments and bionomicTM  wastewater processing.

We welcome your comments and direct contact if you would like to know specifics not covered in these pages or if you would like to explore application potentials for either a new project or potential upgrades to an existing installation.

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