ellenbach foundation

If you are wondering about the origin of the name for the foundation, I can tell you that it is taken from the name of a small stream in the state of Hessen Germany, where our founder met the love of her life some 65 years ago.

The Ellenbach Foundation is a not for profit organization registered in 2014 and dedicated to the development as well as the application and use of bionomic knowledge, expertise and associated technologies.


About Us

We believe in blue skies with clean air, turquoise waters and oceans teeming with life, a healthy environment, nutritious food and communities people are content and happy to call their home.

We believe in a healthy, thriving, biodiverse planet on which we can prosper in harmony within its biological system without jeopardizing our planet, our environment and our very existence.

We believe that sustainable ecologically healthy economic growth is possible and will become a reality as we progress along bionomic pathways.

We believe that the most important starting point on our global path to sustainability is adopting a sustainable bionomic way to deal with our own—anthropogenic—wastes. Wastes that find themselves into the environment often untreated and almost always without rehabilitation of the water used to “flush”.

Why is it so very important that we accelerate the transition from conventional wastewater treatment to sustainable and effective wastewater processing?


α – Only clean rehabilitated output water from bionomic wastewater processing prevents downstream eutrophication of our lakes, rivers, and oceans—essential for our food-web and sustainable future as the inhabitants on this world.

Ω – 80 percent of the oxygen in the world’s atmosphere that we breathe is produced by coral reefs in the oceans and eutrophication as a result of tributary nutrient loads is interfering with this process at an increasingly alarming rate.


Hence our dedication to develop, foster and promote bionomic thought, knowledge, expertise and technologies in keeping with a bionomic biological systems approach as exemplified by John Muir in his famous phrase: “…Whenever you tug on a worm… remember there is a whole planet attached….” Einstein added succinctly to that by stating: “…God does not play dice…” To which Niels Bohr replied: “...Don’t tell God what to do….”

Everything that the Ellenbach Foundation knows so far about natural bionomic biological systems confirms both Muir and Einstein. Niels Bohr’s tongue in cheek remark on the other hand does  sound like a very interesting argument why we should give serious thought to staying away from GMOs….


Our Mission

The Ellenbach Foundation owns a published German patent that makes bionomic wastewater processing economically viable without having to impose user fees. Municipal governments, communities and human settlements can use our bionomic process and its technologies to achieve sanitation objectives, alleviate anthropogenic environmental pressures and create a multi-tier renewable economic backbone for sustainable bionomic development so that our grandchildren may enjoy the earth as our grandparents knew it.

We will work with communities, municipalities, governments, NGOs and other interested entities and individuals to introduce bionomic processes into existing and new wastewater systems so they become used by as broad a base of the population as possible.

All of our knowledge, expertise and technologies are available through licensing in the best interest of human growth, the sustainable building of common wealth, a healthy sustainable future and the well being of our planet and biodiversity to ensure we all have a secure and renewable future.

The best way to reach us is by email to: contact @ ellenbach.org

March 15, 2016.