bionomics for tourism

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Why did we choose this ‘nice picture of a beautiful beach you might wonder…

The picture comes with a price. Most of the hotels located on tropical island retreats with white sand beaches keep them this ‘pristine’ beautiful by pumping their wastewater and part of their organic refuse far enough offshore to be carried away by currents and be swept back on shore at someone else’s doorstep…

Why you ask? Conventional wastewater infrastructure is too expensive to install and maintain and therefore either does not get installed at all or only partially. Even if and where complete conventional systems ARE installed, the downstream nutrient loads nature has to deal with are causing problems worldwide – one of the first indicators are coral reefs that are dying at an alarming rate due to global warming and over-nutrification with eutrophication as the result. Remember: 80 percent of the oxygen we need to live comes from the coral reefs in our oceans. And while Coral reefs are exposed to a myriad of threats, sewage runoff is one we can definitely do something about!

Bionomic wastewater processing infrastructure finally provides the option to keep the beaches as well as the coral reefs pristine! By making full use of the energy generated during bionomic wastewater processing, hotels can lower their external energy requirement to the point where overall operating costs will be significantly lower than a hotel taking the conventional approach.

If you are a hotel, hotel operator, tour operator, lodge or resort: Talk to us and let us introduce you to one of our professionals who will show you how you can significantly lower your energy and fuel requirements, decrease your environmental footprint, contribute to climate change mitigation and probably increase your occupancy rate because of it.